Your vehicle can be replaced but you can’t.  “The most important asset is your life,” – Protection Through Innovation.


  • SOSmart – R100,000.00 Complimentary #WECARE COVER*
  • Cloak II – R50,000.00 Complimentary #WECARE COVER*
  • SOSure – R100,000.00 Complimentary #WECARE COVER*
  • Our devices use Bluetooth technology for safety
  • Our devices don’t need to be wired into your ignition – easier to conceal
  • Unique panic system – voted, “One of SA’s best safety ideas” – Santam Insurance

Protection Through Innovation

How Can We Help YOU?

We offer complete Telematics solutions at affordable rates in South Africa. Our solutions are designed with you in mind. At PTI we listen to our clients and strive to offer real value in our products. If you have a good idea let us know and we will see how we can spread the love #WECARE

Fleet Management

Our SOSmart fleet management platform competes with the best of the best.  Manage your fleet with some of the most advanced features out in the market.  Ask us for a demo.

Vehicle & Fleet Tracking

Our SOSure model offers you a full telematics suite. High Sensitivity U-blox GPS & 3D Accelerometer. The 3 axis accelerometer intelligently reports on harsh driving and suspected accident events, as well as harsh braking.

Vehicle Tracking

The Cloak II is a dual technology advanced tracking device. It has GPS & GSM Technology which means you have a higher accuracy rate. For an entry level solution you get real value for your money.

Quality & Accuracy

Our tracking devices are GPS & GSM based which means they are far more reliable than the cheaper RF based units out there. Our devices are ICASA approved and offer a high degree of accuracy.

What Gives Our Products The Edge?

The PTI range of products and services offer a personal help line to those who may one day find themselves in need from outdoor adventurers to the girls’ night out or even those under frail care, Protection Through Innovation is there for you wherever you may find yourself.


GPS & GSM Technology

All of our tracking devices have GPS & GSM technology.

Anti – Jamming Technology

Our devices detect jamming attempts and switch transmission technology.

Insurance Approved

Our devices are recognized and insurance approved.

Effective Panic System

Panic system that works with your home alarm and your car.

VESA Approved Recovery

Our recovery control centre is VESA approved. All products include recovery.

Nationwide Installations

We provide nationwide on-site installations at selected branches.

PFK Recovery Services

Our recovery control room is VESA & PSIRA certified. Our primary control centre is SAIDSA & PSIRA approved. We offer air and ground support for our clients throughout South Africa. We offer cross border recoveries and have border controls in place.



Call Centre

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All rights reserved © PTI, 2018
Personal Accident Cover automatically included with the purchase of every CLOAK II System. T's & C's Apply
  • 24/7 Web access.
  • Automatic health checks.
  • Logbook for private and business mileage.
  • Automated reports.
  • Time spent at location
  • Incident management support
  • National recovery
*No Annual Premium Escalations
All rights reserved © PTI, 2018
Your vehicle can be replaced but you can’t. “The most important asset is your life,” – Protection Through Innovation.
  • 24/7 Web access.
  • Our devices use Bluetooth technology
  • Unique panic system
  • National recovery
*No Annual Premium Escalations