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Why do you need a tracking device in your vehicle? Either your insurer tells you that you need one or you install one to protect your beloved asset because the replacement value is too great. People every day install tracking devices for the wrong reason. The most important asset is YOUR LIFE. At PTI you are FAMILY and we always look after our FAMILY.


We don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of our devices. Our entry-level option has more features than any other entry level device on the market. If you are serious about your safety or your families safety you have come to the right place. When considering a tracking device our MAIN objective is the level of PROTECTION we offer you and your family.


No complicated options, just REAL VALUE. Our SOSmart device is a premium product imported from Europe which combined with our award-winning platform rated amongst the best in the world, offers you and your family the protection you need. Let us give you a call and explain how our solution stands out from the rest.


Private Vehicle Tracking

We are so confident in our service and solutions that we offer our clients a 9-month contract* (Please explain T&C's) instead of the industry standard 36 months.​ ...More info.

Fleet Solutions

We offer one of the most comprehensive fleet solutions in SA. ...More Info.
Check what our clients have to say about us.

Mobile DVR Solutions

Prevent theft, monitor your drivers and stock.
Our mobile DVR solutions can be customised according to your needs. ...More info.


Assist drivers to avoid crashes.
Provide drivers with real-time in-cab visual and audio alerts to react in time. ...More info.

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Fuel Monitoring​

Fuel costs can amount up to 30% of all fleet management expenses, therefore affecting operating costs and the company’s profit in general.

Among the major fuel-related challenges experts define:

  • fuel theft
  • increasing fuel costs
  • Fuel Tax regulations (like IFTA, etc.)


The PTI GPS tracking and telematics platform can help you cope with the major challenges related to fuel monitoring and management in the most user-friendly way.

ECO Driving

Most common violations


Speeding is #1 road violation in any country causing heaps of speeding fines and tickets, which negatively reflects on your budget.

Harsh Driving

Harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering can lead to deadly road accidents with multiple victims.

Excessive Idling

Every day millions of cars and trucks idle needlessly, affecting fuel economy, engine lifetime and releasing as much pollution as a moving car.

Driver Journal

Driver Journal is smart, practical and easy to work with. Thanks to drag-n-drop functionality, all the trips can be sorted out in an instant and provide a big picture for each driver.

Automatic logging

All the data you need is logged automatically. How the trips are sorted? – It’s up to you​

Estimate each driver trip history with extensive and clear logs. Examine business vs personal miles.

Don’t keep the piles of paper to prepare for the tax day. All the data is stored in one digital place.


Wherever your users are, they get the agility and insight on any mobile device. Teflon Connect gives free ‘X-GPS’ apps for all major mobile platforms so users can control their assets from anywhere and locate other people with GPS in their smartphones or tablets. 

X-GPS Tracker

This App is used to locate people (e.g. mobile employees or kids) using geolocation features in their smartphones or tablets. The settings for GPS tracking mode can be flexibly adjusted for pedestrians and in-vehicle use, while smart power management reduces power consumption. In addition to the location, the App provides such features as ‘Chat’, user-defined ‘Statuses’, and others.

Devices Intergrated
User Preference
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What our clients say

“Its been almost 2 years now that I have installed my PTI Tracker, and it has been absolutely amazing. I have had battery issues, and they were always on the ball picking up alerts that were triggering from the Tracking Device, and notifying me. Impeccable service indeed”

Shanna Williams

“I am extremely pleased by the Service and Work done by PTI. My entire Fleet has been installed with them, and from the beginning I knew that I had made the right decision in trusting PTI to track my vehicles”

Johan Oosthuizen

“Proudly protected by the best. Thank you PTI for your incredible service excellence”

Lebogang Manyama
(Kaizer Chiefs and Bafana Bafana player)
“PTI have been very responsive to the needs of Cape Town Child Welfare Society as an NGO. Through the installation of the trackers in our car fleet, as well as the utilization of Driver ID tags and the panic button wrist band, our Social Workers feel much safer when working in our communities delivering child protection services. We are also able to better monitor and manage our car fleet and are working together to maximize the technology available through the PTI tracking system.”
Cape Town Child Welfare


who wants contracts?

At PTI we understand our clients’ needs and we consider everyone our family.  We understand that circumstances change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.  Our number one aim is to look after you just as we would for our own family.  We don’t want to tie you into lengthy contracts and we do believe that if we treat you right then you will want to stay with us.

It’s with this mindset that we changed our maximum contract value to 9 months instead of 36 months, with a 3-month cancellation notice.  You heard right – NO Upfront fees and 12-month contract with a cancellation notice.

Vehicle Recovery Rate
VSS Recovery Rating 10/10
Service Delivery Rating
Installation Coverage in SA