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The Protection Through Innovation team was born out of our individual passions to make a difference wherever we find ourselves.  Each one of the team has experienced incidents of stress and duress that has affected our lives and families, so this quest is very personal.

Protection Through Innovation is about using technologies in new and challenging ways to not only combat crime but also to offer tools for personal protection and reassurance to everyone wherever and whatever situation they find themselves in.  With inherent simplicity, this can apply from the very young through to the very old.  Protection Through Innovation has changed the way we deal with the threat against ourselves, our homes, our businesses and our communities.

The Protection Through Innovation range of products and services offer a personal help line to those who may one day find themselves in need – from outdoor adventurers to the girls’ night out or even those under frail care – Protection Through Innovation is there for you wherever you may find yourself.

Since the inception of the business the company has evolved in various other aspects on demand by the security environment.  We do this by utilising our globally acclaimed platform and tailor made products for our client’s needs.  Our engineers are constantly on the forefront of technology ensuring best practice.