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About Us


PTI was founded in 2014 with a vision to help protect people in innovative ways.  In the beginning our legendary panic wristband was designed to save lives and was the outcome from traumatic events experienced by our families. These panic wristbands have proven to be more effective than traditional panic remotes that are never readily available.  Innovation comes in different aspects whether it be technical or business innovation.   We have progressed to become a leader in vehicle tracking solutions.  Our legendary panic wristbands now work at your home, business and wherever you travel with your vehicle.


We have over 1300 devices from around the world integrated into our system so we are capable of creating turnkey solutions for our client’s whether it be personal tracking,  fleet management solutions, pure satellite tracking or asset tracking of laptops.


We put our money where our mouth is and back our service and commitment to our clients. To prove this we offer high end equipment at the most competitive premiums for the shortest contract terms in South Africa.  Forcing our clients into lengthy contracts has always been an issue for us.  We believe in providing our clients with the service they deserve.  Our belief is that we don’t need to force our clients to stay with us, they must want to stay with us.