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~ G-1 SERIES ~

  • Micro design panic button sleeved in a high quality adjustable water resistant silicone wristband that is designed to be inconspicuous yet easily accessible in the event of needing to activate a panic signal.  

  • It has a lithium-ion battery which is re-chargeable.

  • Charge lasts for months.

  • You can wear it when you sleep as it is durable and comfortable, included in the design is a safety feature that reduces the probability of false alarms. 

  • This unique feature it makes it suitable even for young children to operate.  

  • It has a recessed button for ease of use at night.  

  • If you don’t want to wear the bracelet just simply pop the transmitter out and affix to any place inside or outside the house unlike fixed panic buttons which you cannot move.  

  • Radius from receiver is +/- 50 – 80m.

  • We have a repeater which can repeat the signal up to 1000m* (Tests concluded by an independent Alarm company reported over 1000m. Topography will always affect results but 500m is guaranteed)

  • The receiver links up to all common alarm systems.

  • We have now designed a unique tracking system that enables you to link your wristband to our high tech vehicle tracker.

  • You can pair 32 people per receiver.

  • In the event of someone trying to hijack you every person sitting in the vehicle can activate the panic where in turn your vehicle can be immobilized immediately and your distress signal gets received by your armed response.

  • If you are in an accident you can activate your vehicle tracker to send out an emergency signal, straight away your position will be relayed and family members can be notified of an emergency situation.